Easily track dilator therapy progress

Have you been prescribed dilator therapy for pelvic pain, but are finding it hard to stick with it and measure progress?

This was designed with you in mind.

PDF + Google Sheet + Video for people prescribed DT for GPPPD / vaginismus etc.

Dilation therapy progress tracker PDF for vaginismus GPPPD. Photograph looking over a woman's shoulder. She has a mockup of the PDF progress tracker on her lap. You cannot see her face.
Mockup of progress tracker spreadsheet. This is a colour-coded spreadsheet to record and monitor progress with dilation therapy for vaginismus (GPPPD). The spreadsheet is shown on a macbook screen, the macbook is sitting on a desk with a peach coloured vase and pencil pot next to it.

Sound familiar?

  • Are you finding it hard to gauge your overall progress with dilator therapy, beyond noticing the good muscle days and the not-so-good?
  • Having trouble communicating your progress with your treating professional?
  • Struggling to regularly commit to dilating?
  • And, do you ever find yourself adding an item to your to-do list when you've already completed it, just for the satisfaction of checking it off?


Committing to your DT program with consistency.

Quickly assessing your overall progress with a ‘birds eye’ view.

 Easily sharing your progress with your healthcare provider.

Colour-coded PDF tracker to monitor and track progress with dilation therapy for vaginismus (GPPPD). This is shown on an iPad screen. A lady is looking at the screen. The photograph is taken from behind her shoulder and you can't see her face.


Track your practice frequency, monitor your comfort levels with different dilator sizes, and build a consistent routine using either the Google Sheet spreadsheet or PDF version of the Progress Tracker - whichever takes your fancy.

The Progress Tracker has been specifically designed for people with genito-pelvic pain (GPPPD, vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, etc.) who have been prescribed dilator therapy - especially if you're the type of person that gets a little boost from ticking items off their to-do list.

This package includes a video mini-training to help you make the most out of the Progress Tracker.

So you're wondering...

As soon as the purchase is complete you will be emailed access to the PDF and video files.

This product is not designed to teach you dilator therapy. We recommend seeking an assessment and treatment with a medical and/or allied health provider who specialises in this area, such as a gynaecologist and/or women’s health physiotherapist.

This product is not designed to replace medical or allied health services.

As a registered Australian allied health provider I am legally prohibited from using testimonials to sell a product or service. Instead, please feel reassured that we offer a 30-day-refund if you are dissatisfied with the product (see refund policy).

If you've been prescribed dilator therapy for conditions like GPPPD, vaginismus, vulvodynia, or dyspareunia, and you want a simple tool to monitor your progress and maintain consistency, this tracker is likely a good fit for you. But, feel free to check in with your healthcare professional or reach out if you have any more questions.

Yes, you can do both. We want you to use it in the way that suits you best.

Absolutely - either print a copy for your hard-copy journal (we recommend using slightly thicker paper or thin matte cardstock) or insert the file into your digital journal. 

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Kendra Dunchue, Psychologist, The Sensate Space

I'm ready.

Time to start tracking your progress with dilator therapy? Great, we love that. You've got this!