Progress Tracker for Dilator Therapy (PDF + Spreadsheet + Video).


Streamline your dilator therapy practice with our purpose-built Progress Tracker. Ideal for individuals dealing with genito-pelvic pain conditions like GPPPD, vaginismus, dyspareunia, and vulvodynia, this tool simplifies tracking practice frequency, dilator size, and comfort levels. Receive instant access to the PDF, Google Sheet, and a video mini-training upon purchase. Commit to your practice – download the tracker today. Please Note: You will need a free Google account to access the Google Sheet spreadsheet.


Instant-access to easily tracking your progress with dilator therapy.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed specifically for people with genito-pelvic pain conditions who have been prescribed dilator therapy
  • Track progress, frequency, dilator size, and comfort levels in one tool
  • Help build a consistent dilator therapy routine
  • Simplify communication with your healthcare provider
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of checking off your daily practice


Ideal For:

  • Those seeking a straightforward way to monitor their progress and maintain consistency
  • People who get a little boost from ticking items off their to-do list, or find that a visual helps them to stay on track and committed


Description: The Progress Tracker (for Dilator Therapy) is a purpose-built tool for people been prescribed dilator therapy for genito-pelvic pain, including dyspareunia and conditions like GPPPD, vaginismus, and vulvodynia. This provides a quick and easy way to track your therapy progress and maintain commitment.

Key Features of the Progress Tracker for Dilator Therapy:

  • Comprehensive tracking of practice frequency, dilator size, and comfort level.
  • Tailored for individuals dealing with genito-pelvic pain.
  • Includes a video mini-training to maximize its benefits.
  • Instantly available in a PDF for digital use or printing, or a Google Sheet for tracking across your electronic devices.


How to Use: After purchasing you'll receive an email with instant access to the PDF, Google Sheet, and video file. Simply open the file and follow the instructions in the mini-training to get started.


Get the Progress Tracker Instantly: Commit to your practice with our Progress Tracker. Available now for immediate download.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, you can do both. Use it in the way that suits you best.

This tracker is designed for individuals who have already received instructions on dilator therapy from their healthcare provider. If you're new to dilator therapy, we recommend consulting a medical or allied health professional for individualised assessment and treatment.

Short answer: No, it's not meant to replace medical or allied health services. Always seek professional advice for your specific needs.

The longer version: This habit tracker is designed as a practical adjunct tool to an existing treatment program. It is not intended as an educational resource or a substitute for professional medical or allied health services. Users should be aware that utilising this tool does not establish a client-practitioner relationship. While the habit tracker aims to be a helpful companion in fostering positive habits and progress, individualised advice and personalised support are best obtained through consultation with qualified healthcare professionals. Users are encouraged to seek professional assistance for personalised guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Sure! Reach out via the contact page, or email us at . We're happy to help answer any questions about this product but are unable to provide individual treatment advice.