Empowered: Your free e-book guide to navigating physical exams

Do you find physical exams and pap smears difficult, uncomfortable, or painful? If you're dreading an upcoming appointment, or putting it off, then this free guide was created with you in mind. 


Our top 15 tips for managing physical exams

This guide briefly explains the role of fear and anxiety in maintaining and even increasing pain, and provides 15 strategies aimed to help you to prepare and feel safer and more comfortable throughout the experience.


This eBook has been designed for women* with intimate pain (GPPPD, vaginismus, vulvodynia, endometriosis, etc.) who are seeking guidance on managing physical medical examinations. It is general advice and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice; please discuss your individual situation with your healthcare provider.

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This concise eBook offers practical tips for women with intimate pain (such as GPPD/vaginismus) on managing physical medical examinations. It is not intended as medical advice and may not be applicable to all situations. The content is general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to consult with their healthcare professionals for personalised advice and guidance tailored to their specific needs. The eBook does not establish a doctor-patient or therapist-patient relationship, and its tips are meant to be general suggestions rather than individualised medical recommendations. The information provided is not exhaustive and may not cover all possible scenarios.

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We recommend booking an appointment with your family doctor or general practitioner who can assess your individual situation and provide referrals to specialist services as needed. These services may include women's health physiotherapists, gynaecologists, and women's health occupational therapists, who specialise in offering tailored support for managing intimate and sexual pain conditions (such as GPPD, vaginismus, vulvodynia, endometriosis, etc.). You may also be able to self-refer to these services.

Sure, email us at hi@thesensatespace.com or fill in the details on the contact page. We can respond to questions about this eBook but are unable to provide personalised medical or allied health advice.